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Wednesday 16 December 2009

Hey ladies,

I hope every one's all merry about Christmas coming up, sadly now i may just drag you down but I'm afraid its gonna have to be said.

When i receive good customer service and a good experience from online shopping, i don't rave enough & recommend them to everyone, when i have an average one that's neither good or bad i don't waste my breath, but when its a bad one i think people deserve to know if they are considering ordering from the website.

Well this is a bad one as the title suggests.

In October HQhair relaunched their site, quite frankly their old site was a mare to navigate & discover new products, unless you focused on a particular brand you couldn't see any products, anyway with their newly relaunched site there was a £5 off code for the first how ever many customers put an order in. Brilliant i thought, so wanting to test out a couple of things that you ladies probably will be interested in hearing my review on (still keeping it under wraps for now) i put my order in.

A few days later i received my package and instead of getting the two products i ordered there was only one, i looked at my invoice and it said the other one was to follow, after a few days i forgot all about it (my age catching up with me). Then one night a few weeks later i realized i still hadn't received it, so took to twitter to rant, as hqhair follow me on there i got a message from one of the staff asking for my order number & seeing if she could get to the bottom of it. Then i got an email saying it was out of stock & will be back in stock in 8 - 10 days. Fine i thought, but why let a person order a product that's clearly not in stock!

Anyway the 10 days came & went, and i got another email after about 15 days saying it will be 4 more days. In the mean time i placed another order for a bliss skin care set using a code with 25% off saving me about £7! brilliant i thought.

Tonight i received two emails from HQhair, one saying my product that i ordered first will be 'another 4 days' & then got an email a week after i placed my order saying my order had been canceled with absolutely no reason why.

I headed immediately for the site to see if it was out of stock which it isn't according to the site. So i could repurchase this set but it will cost me the full price plus the shipping cost as the 25% off has expired.

I am officially never buying anything from their site again. On the website there is no customer service email address just a telephone number, so in order to complain about the shitty service i have received from them i have to spend more money on the phone call & time i quite frankly don't have, i have one day off before Christmas day on Thursday & it wont be spent on hold to their shit customer service team.

HQhair are predominately a website service, they do have a salon but their main revenue is from their website & they cannot afford to treat customers this way because word of mouth certainly spreads and after this experience i will never recommend them to anyone.

I have heard so many people on twitter tell me about their bad experiences with them & i want to know if you've had any & was it resolved. I will be calling them & will update you if they decide to pull their heads out of their arses long enough to listen to a customer because quite frankly you can have all the fancy website in the world but it doesn't mask the fact that 2 out of 3 products in 2 months have not yet reached my door and that is appalling!

Hope you're all well & sorry for the rant & swearing but it had to be said! HQhair are fucking shit!

cya soon

& just so we all get a nice warm feeling after that rage here's a picture of my dog fattie bum bum when he was a puppy pre fatty & just plain spuddy (his real name)if you got to the end of this epic leave me a message saying fatty bum bum (i wont get offended its just water weight hehe)


  1. Fatty bum bum!

    I have had very positive experiences with HQ Hair aside from one which was like yours - item was out of stock but the website didn't say that and I waited a good while so it to come. I had to contact them to find out what was going on also, they didn't let me know. That was one time out of many though - I do think they need to fix this though as this happened to me before their new website and they said it would resolve the problem. Obviously not!

    I hope you get the items you wanted soon hun xxx

  2. I had one bad expereince with HQHair a few years a go and never ordered from them again- I ordered bottle of Keratase shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo came but the conditioner never did. I waited and waited BUT IT NEVER ARRIVED. To be honest i never chased it with them as a month or so after i ordered it, I moved house (it still did not arrive at my old address as i kept in contact with my housemates) so they got my £15 for a tub of conditioner and i got nada!

    I have never ordered from them since....all the discount codes in the world would not make me order with them....hell even if they were giving the stuff away for free i wouldn't take it. I would rather pay full price in a salon than pay a few pounds less on HQHair and have to wait god knows how long for it!

    They need to take a really good look at their customer service!!!



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