November Favorites

Thursday 3 December 2009

Hey Ladies,

I thought i'd do my November favorites seen as though we're in December already, which i actually can't believe! So here they are!

- Dermalogica Pre Cleanse - After using my Philosophy purity cleanser for about 5 years i decided to try something new (mainly because Selfridges didn't have the large bottle of the Purity in stock, so with me you snooze you loose!!) So i picked this similar cleanser, similar in the sense that it's a makeup remover so step one of my face routine. Its a lemon scented oil that you apply dry to your skin, work in and add a bit of water & it turns milky & you rinse. It leaves my skin squeeky clean & removes every spot of makeup & doesn't sting my eyes!!! yay!

- Benefit Powderflage - I never posted to my blog that i purchased this but i did & i'm really glad i did! (i'll post a full review asap!) It is a lovely product & really makes a difference to the look of dark circles!!

- The Body Shop Nutriganics day & night creams - I got sent these to try out & have yet to post a review on them which i really need to do! I think they are really lovely creams, not a fan of the smell but they do what they're supposed to & moisturise well! I have been reaching for them every day over my other creams so that should say something!

- Illamasqua Glint & Burnish Bronzing Duo - I purchased this & the Glint & writhe at the same time (again didn't blog about it tut tut i know!), this one is the darker of the two & it is just lovely & gives you the most gorgeous golden glow so not really a day time bronze & highlight but i have worn it & not looked too dolled up so you can get away with it but i prefer a matte bronzer for day time. Anyway i've used it so much in the past month that it had to get a mention!!

So there you go, thanks for reading & link me to your favorites for last month, i have a Christmas present list to get working on so need recommendations!!! Hope you're all having a lovely beginning of December (la la la, la la la, la la la la la) hehe!!

Cya soon

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  1. I've been wanting to try out powderflage for ages! I really need to buy it :)

    Anyways check out my blog too if you want!


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