Oh It's So Pretty!! Estee Lauder Michael Kores Very Hollywood Collection

Wednesday 20 January 2010

Hey Ladies,

I was totally perving at a Estee Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood collection that will be released on February 1st specifically the Bel Air part, which is peaches, if you're a pink girl then Rodeo pink will be perfect for you. I'm a coral/peachy girl so this is just makeup porn for me.

I mean look at those glosses, lipstick & blush & i'm intrigued by the nail polish as well!! I can leave the eyeshadow & pencil as i've got things like them already.
But i'm wanting, no needing these colours as they're perfect for the look i go for, i haven't craved a blush since i started using my Illamasqua rude cream blush which i wear everyday so i think i definitely need this one to break the spell Illamasqua has cast over me!

Estee Lauder do gorgeous shades of their products i think & with their demographic being the slightly more 'mature' wealthier woman the quality of the products are worth every penny you spend because the one thing those type of ladies don't tolerate is crap they'd have the CEO of Estee Lauder hanging from his/her balls before you knew it. So i've always found that any product i've tried has been excellent & if you haven't tried it out because their colours aren't as wowing as a brand like mac check out their basic products like their foundations, mascaras etc as they're second to none i've always found!

*sigh, i could perve all day but what's truly heartbreaking is that i don't have a job anymore so can't really afford Estee Lauder! If anyone would like to send me a belated Christmas gift (i kid, i kid) or Estee Lauder are feeling charitable upon me you're welcome to send them on to me to test! hehe!

Anyway hope you're having a lovely week, I woke up today with the worst sore throat which was weird! & was all tarted up do record a haul video for my Youtube channel & my brother got sent home from work (he hobbled in on crutches last night after hurting himself playing football ... idiot! so was rendered useless at work) so that didn't happen, don't want him thinking i'm mental talking to myself about primark! haha

Anyhoo tell me if you are yearning for anything from the Michael Kores collection & what are you favorite products from Estee Lauder I love being nosey!

See you soon!


  1. I love the look of this collection. I saw it on Temptalia and fell in love there and then. I've never tried Estee Lauder. Not for any particular reason... just not seen anything that catches my eye x

  2. I saw this one a site the other day and fell in love with the look of the Bel Air collection. The glosses look lovely! The pink collection is not for me as the colours are too cool. x

  3. Ooh I love the look of this..love the packaging! Very hollywood glam look (it reminds me of early 90s style) :)

  4. "I'm a coral/peachy girl so this is just makeup porn for me" - Haha Love this, but so true. I love coral-y colours.
    Estee Lauder did a collection with a chocolate theme/name and that was grogeous but this is heaven!
    I cant wait =) Thanks hun xx


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