I Think I May Have Changed My Mind!! Stila Smudge Pot!

Saturday 23 January 2010

Hey ladies.

Having coming to the conclusion that gel liners don't work on me i made a vow to myself that i wouldn't buy anymore ... however after seeing a video on youtube about how much someone loved their Stila smudge pot my vow was broken. Shock horror!

I went on ebay & purchased one for about £8 from the US (not full size, it was part of the trio you can buy but i just got a mini black one).

Once it arrived I immediately applied with my Mac 210 & found it was a lovely rich black & applied very smoothly & easily, I was impressed. However like every other gel eyeliner i have bought before it started to transfer on my lid and wear off, I stopped being impressed & once again decided gel liners just weren't for me.

When I recorded my last show & tell video on Youtube for some reason, maybe because it was part of the haul i applied it & it lasted the afternoon & entire evening!

I do have a theory ... of course! Normally i'm far too lazy to apply eyeshadow so if i'm wearing liner i just slap it on & it transfers, for some reason (bear in mind i've not done any scientific research) whenever i use an eyeshadow it doesn't! Jackpot! i can officially use gel eyeliner just have to stop being lazy & apply some shadow underneath! whooo!

I don't know if its specific to Stila because i gave my others away so cant test them out, i can however confirm i've just ordered another smudge pot in violet! hehe

Hope you've had a lovely week & weekend so far! mines not been the best but ah well nothing i can do!! Let me know you're favorite gel liners, i think i need to start buying them all again & work on my research!! hehe

Cya soon! (i have another show & tell video to record but it keeps getting delayed!! so watch out for that soon & my winners announcement for my giveaway)


  1. I have the larger size stila smudge pot, got in from tg hughes for about £3 a couple of months ago.

    I used in once, it trasferred badly to my upper lid, so its been banished to my draw ever since. Maybe I'll have to give it another go!

    For me, both mac fluidlines and bobbi browns gel liner pots dont transfer, I think they're amazing xx

  2. I love my stila smudge pot! but I find myself using my wet n' wild gel liner more...? I do have to say that I adore my stila smudge pot in kitten, I actually love it more than the shadow.


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