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Monday 25 January 2010

Hey Ladies,

With the release of Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland film being released soon (i.e. i haven't a clue, never seen the original anyway, i may download it tonight) there's two brands who are releasing a collection, the big hitter being Urban Decay who have released their Wonderland Palette, something which i'm not too bothered about really, the one that got me is by the brand Paul & Joe. They released another Disney collection last year which was to die for and this time it's an Alice in Wonderland one.

How bloody gorgeous are they, there are 2 options to choose from Daydream (which is my finest trait) which is the blue packaging and Fantasy which is the pink packaging.

Not only is daydream the perfect description of me but the light orange lipstick is better for me than the pink, although they're not strictly lipsticks more lip conditioners which is fine by me.

So for your moola you get the tin which has a mirror, blotting tissues & a lippy and will set you back £25 in the uk! ouch! i know but they're worth the pennies because they're so damn gorgeous! & you can use the tin for your regular blotting tissues once these run out not that you're allowed to use them of course, too pretty for that!

They're avaliable at the end of next month from Asos if you live in the UK & if you all beat me to buying them i'll kick off & it will be smacked botties all round! you've been warned!!

Hope you're all having a not so miserable monday!! I'm not, I got the sims 3 to work on my computer when I checked on the site if it was worthy to run it & they said no so HA! in your face!! i can now say goodbye to any social life i may have had. I'm off to Leeds tomorrow for the Aussie party & i actually want to take my laptop with me!! how sad!!

Cya soon!


  1. Oh my God this is gorgeous! I am not bothered about the UD palette either as I have the book of shadow 2, but I really would like one of these!! x

  2. i want..nic how did u get sims i also want x

  3. I really love your blog, i think its great and you seem very amusing =) your very pretty too xxx


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