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Wednesday 31 March 2010

Hey Ladies,

I thought i'd do this tag because its a nice one

I pinched it from Victoria

Never in my life have I been: Unloved, Embarrassed, to the moon!

The one person who can drive me nuts is: my boyfriend. He moans, he sulks, he whinges but he is amazing so i don't mind him driving me slightly bonkers, i'm sure i do the same to him!

High school: I was a geek, top set for everything & actually paid attention! (it didn't carry on into sixth form & university)

When I'm nervous: I bake & cook & clean!

The last song I listened to was: Empire of The Sun - We Are The People

If I were to get married right now my maid of honour would be: My cousin Becky who's my best friend! :)

My hair is: Very Long & very blonde (naturally) & with a recent fringe added (will do a post on it)

When I was 5: I had a broken arm twice, did it once getting some milk standing on a stool. Had my pot taken off then a week later was on a bouncy castle & broke it again!

Last Christmas: Had a family breakfast with my entire family (there's loads of us) & then had a lovely lunch with my boyfriend, Dad, Brothers & Aunt

I should be: more bothered about everything, i'm so laid back i'm horizontal most of the time & have an 'i don't give a shit attitude' so i should care more i think!

The happiest recent event was: me getting my job! its a very nice feeling when you met someone for 5 minutes & they liked you so much they changed the job to full time as opposed to part time & adapt the role to suit your needs! warms the cockles!

There's this girl I know that: I cannot wait to see on Saturday for a girls night out ... well there are 3 girls i know in this case. You will see my FOTD & OOTD (outfit of the day) pre partying!

I like you when: you leave me lovely comments & suggestions & requests & when you subscribe i always smile!

The world could do without: Drugs, illness & bad people & me when i have a hangover!

Most recent thing I've bought myself: Lots & lots of makeup, clothes & nail polish (you will be seeing the damage when i do a haul video or post)

Most recent thing someone else bought me: A white rose! (from my boyfriend for getting my new job, nearly 2 weeks old & still going strong, the rose i mean)

My middle name is: Jayne

The animals I would like to see flying besides birds are: Dogs or specifically my dog, so he could fly from Spain whenever he wanted to come & see me ... I miss him :(

Once, at a bar: I can't remember & prefer not to!

Last night I was: Crying my little eyes out whilst watching The Blind Side, which is a great film!

There's this guy I know who: Makes me very happy ... Most of the time

Tomorrow I am: Working & then sleeping the entire bank holiday! Apart from my night out on Saturday

Tonight I am: Going to be having a play on my new Blackberry hopefully (it should be delivered tonight, watch everyone be out my house after 5pm so no one can sign for it)

My birthday is: 14th November

I think everyone should do this, i'm so nosey!! Sorry for the lack of pictures, i'm doing this at work!! :)

Hope you're having a lovely day & week & i'll see you soon (probably tonight with another NOTD, i'm thinking OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender! Thoughts?)


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