NOTD!! China Glaze High Hopes

Tuesday 30 March 2010

Hey Ladies,

Whilst sat at my desk at my new job bored out my brains today I admired my lovely polish and so took a pic to show you all. By the way i'm really enjoying my new job, it's a bit slow at the minute but it's sure to pick up.

So I present China Glaze High Hopes from the new Up & Away collection. As i bought loads of nail polish recently I'll do a NOTD when I wear them so you can see them in all their beauty. Of course I added the Lorraine glitter nail with my Opi Mad as a Hatter!

This is such a different colour than I was expecting, it looks red in some lights but in others its a strong red coral. I really like it & of course with the glitter nail it looks amazing!! I did get a compliment in boots about the polish so its a winner!!

Hope you are all having a lovely week & looking forward to the 4 day weekend ahead! I know I am! Thanks so much for reading as ever, let me know your favorite polishes at the moment as i'm addicted to buying them & painting my nails (plus my boyfriend has some serious arse kissing to do, those of you who follow me on twitter will be well aware of this, so he can buy me more polishes to make up for it! so get suggesting to make him pay!)


  1. Such a pretty colour! Not really sure about polishes at the minute, not buying any. I do like the new Barry m collection but can't get it my store of Superdrug. What about China Glaze Poolside collection?

  2. Sooo Gorgeous :) In Love With That Colour! Xx


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