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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Yves Saint Laurent & Pixi Haul

Hey Ladies,

I thought i'd show you a few makeup items i've picked up recently, I wanted to wait til all my purchases arrived to do a video but i think i'll have too many for 10 minutes so i thought i'd pop them on here instead.
So here's what i got!

YSL Rouge Volupte #30 Faubourg Peach

Such Lovely Packaging!!


I think the online swatches of these on the YSL site are shite! It looks pink on the site whereas its a milky peach, just the most gorgeous colour & formula. My aim now is to buy one a week until i have all the colours i like (perhaps starting with a back up of this) As soon as i fell in love I text my cousin who's 21 next week & said when I come to Manchester we're going to Selfridges & i'm treating you to one as an extra present, I seriously want everyone to own one!

The Pixi Stuff

Consisting of:
Eye Beauty Kit in Mirage (for a giveaway)
Awakening Eye Beauty Kit in Miracle Velveteen
Moisture Tint Gloss in number 15 (beige) & number 5 (Pink & for giveaway)
Sheer Cheek Gel in Fresh
Liquid Eyeliner in Black
I also got an Eye definer (Pencil highlighter) In number 3 (forgot to put in the pic!)

The Miracle Velveteen Palette!

I picked a really neutral palette for myself as am more likely to use it, I think its good for your makeup bag because its so teeny tiny.

Overall I think Pixi is quite an appropriate name for the products because they are so small & for the money they are not worth it. The palettes are £18 each & they are tiny. Thankfully I didn't pay full price for these items i bought them from who are having a massive sale on the Pixi brand so now is the time to buy it.

I could never recommend it full price to anyone, even when i've had a bit of disposable income i've refused to pay for things that aren't worth it, the colours aren't brilliantly pigmented i thought but essentially i paid £3-£4 for the palette so can't grumble! I do like the moisturising gloss things i have to say though.

Hope you're all having a lovely week & let me know if you've bought products that aren't worth the price tag! I know I certainly have although the YSL lippy ain't one, yes it's £21 but I think they're unique & you cant find that formula anywhere else so worth the pennies.

Thanks so much for reading & I shall be doing my giveaway soon for my loverly subscribers once i pick up a few more bits, any suggestions for prizes? let me know!!

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