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Friday, 26 March 2010

Handbag Of The Week! I've Finally Changed My Handbag!

Hey Ladies

As the title suggests i've finally switched from my Balenciaga bag to a different one!

I bought this bag from H&M the other day mainly because I don't really want to take a designer bag to work with me (i don't know if i'm being paranoid, i'll probably switch back to designer when my Mulberry Alexa arrives)

Anyhoo Here it is

Its a really nice slouchy bag with short handles for on the shoulder or arm or use the long strap for a satchel! love it! There's some really nice details which i've failed to show you as well! my apologies, but its currently in H&M for £24.99! I loves it!!

Seeing as I wont take my designer bags to work I have switched back to my Chanel purse so at least i have that to stroke!!

Just a nice quick read for you & thanks for stopping by!!

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