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Thursday 22 April 2010

Hey Ladies,

First of all WOW! I reached 500 subscribers, thank you all so much for reading what i write & being so kind & lovely. I will be doing a massive giveaway soon (I am going to have a trip to Nars soon so it will include a few bits from there, would people want a choice of the products? any requests for prizes? ideas? let me know!!!)

But I just wanted to say thank you, it means the world when I see someone new subscribe and when people leave comments, I want to respond to them all but bloggers way of responding is shocking, so let me know if you come back & look for a response when you ask a question, or if you like leave your email address with your question/comment & i can email you with my response!

Anyway as the title suggests this review I am going to do is a pretty positive one. I have wanted this product for ages but for some reason (maybe the price) I always picked it up & then put it back before checkout at Boots, and so when I spotted it on offer the other week I immediately bought it. I am now kicking myself for not buying it sooner.

The product in question .... (drum roll please!!)

L'oreal Elvive Re-Nutrition Night Serum

They Say;
An overnight blend of nourishing ingredients for hair that feels silky and replenished when you wake up.

What you do;
Apply 1 or 2 pumps throughout the hair when its dry or damp before bed. Simples!

What I Think;
First of all the smell like the other products in the range is divine and like the rest of the range this product is excellent. I wash my hair every night without conditioning it (which I only do once a week ... Naughty Nicola) and for this reason it is a necessity to use a leave in conditioner, this night serum has replaced the need for one.

I use about 2 pumps in my towel dried hair and brush my hair which is so easy to do once this is in your hair. I then simply twist all my hair up in a bun & that's my hair done for the night. The next morning I let my hair down which is still damp & brush it through, once its dry there's no residue at all, you're hair is so soft & silky. This stuff is amazing!

The time you can feel that its working the most, is the next time you wash your hair after applying it, essentially you're washing out the serum & your hair feels like its been conditioned before you've even shampooed or conditioned. So essentially you're constantly having a conditioner in your hair keeping it in excellent condition which in the long term protects your hair from moisture loss & keeps it looking smooth, silky & shiny! (all the things i'm assuming you like, if you enjoy frizz & dryness I could recommend a few products! :) )

As you can tell I really recommend this product, not necessarily for short hair but for longer damaged dry hair that you want to maintain the condition of, smells great, doesn't cost a fortune & does a bloody good job!

You can get it from pharmacies/drug stores/supermarkets for about £7.50

Thanks for reading & let me know if you've tried this or any other hair saviours you have!

Hope you're having a lovely week!!


  1. This looks good! I was gonna try the Umberto Gianni Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm but might pick this one up instead. My ends are ruined from straightening and need all the help they can get! xx

  2. Sounds very good! Maybe I'll buy it...

  3. I think I might try and get this tomorrow!!

    Have you seen Enchanted is on the NARS site early :) xx

  4. I will have one of these yes please thank you- WOWWWWWW.



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