I Want, I Want, I Want, I Want It NOW!!!

Friday 23 April 2010

Hey Ladies,

I'm having a slight Veruca Salt moment (Spoilt brat from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory) in that I've seen so many things I want at the moment, i'm going through a jewellery phase i think.

Hmmm where to start;

Chanel Soleil De Tan - £28 - The classic cream bronzer with a fancy new name, a must for summer really & I love cream products, need to get to a Chanel counter ... hmm I shall be near one very soon (tomorrow!) However I am tempted to resist for a while until Mac To The Beach is released as they are doing a cream bronzer! .... Or I could get both! hehe
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion - £15 - A must have just in case a spot pops up & you want rid.

The Rings
Zoe & Morgan Lasso Love Ring
- £75 - Really gorgeous ring that looks lovely on, I really want this, I bought a 'dupe' in Topshop yesterday for £4 but its bigger & doesn't look as nice, plus i'm allergic to it!

Bow rings
left to right
Swarovski Lucia Ring - £66 - So dainty & understated & a really good price. I think this is my preferred bow ring.
Butler & Wilson .... haha i've just looked on the website & its a bangle!!! I retract this from my list! I'm a tool!! if you're interest in a bow bangle it's £48
Tiffany Bow ring - £1250 - bit pricey ... ok a lot pricey hence why I wont be owning this anytime soon but its so pretty!

Tiffany Bow Earrings - $125 - I don't think you can get these in the UK which is a shame because they're adorable & so inexpensive for Tiffany's. I need to find a swap/custom purchaser in the States.
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The Bags
Burberry Tumbled Leather Crossbody Tote - £650
- I love this, I AM going to own this, I'm going to London in July so this is going to be a purchase, it is practical & stylish & the leather just looks scrumptious. *sigh i'm in lurrve!
Miu Miu Soft Leather Shoulder Bag - $1450 - I love this for the same reasons as above and I do want to get this eventually just not as much as the Burberry one at the minute. Don't Miu Miu have such inventive bag names?

There's my current list of lust! what's on yours?
Thanks for reading & hope you're having a lovely weekend!


  1. The Miu Miu bag is on sale (in brown) on Flannels if you're flexible in colour.

  2. I am loving all the bows :)

    I am booked in to get a bow tattoo next week actually!! I am a tad obsessed hehe!

    They bags are also lovely, but i could never trust myself with an expensive bag, if i got a mark on it i would have a nervous breakdown lol :D

    Lisa xx

  3. I love the Chanel bronzer - its a must have for me :)

    Also, do Tiffany not do a diamante version of the bow ring - I got the necklace for Christmas (and it was under £100) and have worn it everyday since! x

  4. Loving everything on your list :-)

    I too want those bow earings off the Tiffany website and you can get them off the UK site: http://uk.tiffany.com/Shopping/Item.aspx?fromGrid=1&sku=25142896&mcat=148204&cid=287464&search_params=s+5-p+4-c+287464-r+201323338-x+-n+6-ri+-ni+0-t+ unless these are different? X

  5. ohh i need that chanel brozner! just felt a need for the bronze universel i might take a look at this x

  6. I really want the MB Drying Lotion too, I ordered the Drying Cream on Ebay but might have to pick up the lotion eventually.


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