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Sunday, 11 July 2010

I Hate Sephora Because I Love Sephora, NOTD Sephora by OPI Read My Palm

Hey Ladies

I recently was browsing Sephora & saw a Sephora by OPI nail polish I had to have, one problem; Sephora isn't in the UK anymore & doesn't even deliver here (insert your own expletive here) .....
Why I was torturing myself looking on the site who knows! Anyway I immediately headed to Twitter & asked if one of my US friends would do a custom purchase or swap with me & the lovely Jean agreed!

So here's my NOTD (I will be doing a haul video with all of my goodies soon)

It is the most beautiful Jade coloured nail polish I have ever seen! An absolute perfect Jade unlike OPI's Jade Is The New Black (which isn't jade but I still love it) This polish applies like a dream one generous coat is enough & looks amazing! I got so many compliments over the weekend from it! I have loved every Sephora by OPI polish I've ever tried, I definitely need a back up of this! One of my top ten nail polishes may have to be demoted now!

We need Sephora back, who will sign my petition? Join my Facebook group here

Thanks for reading & hope you had a lovely weekend, I went to a Zoo it was so exciting as I don't remember visiting one when I was a child, I even text my mum telling her all the animals that I had seen! :)

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  1. I agree we need a sephora :)

  2. Looks beautiful, I will sign your petition.

  3. I love this! The only Sephora by OPI is Metro Chic, I definitely need to try more! xx

  4. I'll defo sign the petition. I just bought Metro Chic and Let's Do Lunch and love them both so much. Gorgeeeeous! x

  5. Gorgeous colour!
    Also i did hear a rumour that Sephora was coming back, but was going to be part of M&S or something weird like that! Also i heard this over a year ago and nothing has happened so maybe it was nonsense.
    Anyway i would sign your petition and i'm sure you'd have no trouble finding thousands of people who would! :P

  6. i'll sign your petition! they should have sephora over here but not just in London, everywhere! I think we should have victorias secret and forever 21.. all of the us stores hehe :) x

  7. I joined the group and I'm going to pick this up on Tuesday in the florida mall. The woman in Sephora was surprised we couldn't order and have it delivered to the UK

  8. Consider the petition signed! I heart Sephora! Nail paint looks fab :) xx

  9. Gorgeous color! I'm buying it next time I go :)

  10. This looks gorgeous :)

    I've only tried Metro Chic, which I love, this colour does look divine though :)

    I've joined your group my love :)


  11. This is one my favorites, too! It's such a lovely, dreamy summer color.

  12. Really pretty color! I don't think I've seen it before!