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Monday 19 July 2010

Hey Ladies

So I am in Spain! (thank God) after a very long night at the airport on my own I made it to Spain, I was nearly crying when I landed I was that relieved to get here, sorry if I worried anyone with my last post, I did take it down when I got so many worried comments, texts & tweets, you all helped so thank you!

When I got to my mums house I was told outside the door that my dog had a stroke a few nights before. So I cried & cried, looking at my dog now he's as happy as ever but he's just not the dog that I know, he could fully recover from it but he's 15 so I've got the next 6 days with him then I probably will have to say my goodbyes because I don't think he'll be here the next time i visit. I want to cry just looking at him but he's still wagging his tail so happy enough.

Next I want to say I can't upload any videos to my Youtube channel as i was hoping as my mum has switched from the Internet to one of those Internet dongles which is impossibly slow, i can try & film some vids & edit them here but the uploading will have to be done when
I'm back in old blighty!

Now that that bit of house keeping is taken care of I wanted to share with you the few things I got at duty free, I was very very very good considering my mood &
lack of sleep & only walked away with 3 things!

First of all I wanted to pick up a tinted moisturiser, I rarely wear makeup when I'm in Spain so I just wanted a tinted moisturiser to even out my skin tone & provide a little
SPF as well. I had eyed up an Estee Lauder tinted moisturiser but Manchester Airport terminal one is for lack of a better word …. Shite! So of course they had nothing I wanted.

I settled on a Clinique one called Almost Makeup, I can't stand Clinique most of the time, the orange faces the white coats but I do quite enjoy their makeup, it isn't sillyly expensive and most of the makeup is great on the quiet so I was happy to settle with them (I had looked at Clarins, one of their offerings had 3 shades, all really pink tones & all horrible colours & the other offering stank of … well Clarins which is enough to make me sick!)

The Clinique's shade range is equally pap as the Clarins but I found they were more yellow toned & I had to get the darkest shade (shade 4) as they were all very light! but so far I like it!

Next I went rooting in Mac's drawers for limited edition things (there was no staff on at 4:30 in the morning so I had to have a root!) & I came up with nothing! Ugh, I was after a cream
blush that was released a while ago & a gorgeous coral colour but sold out so quickly :( I can't even remember the name of it! (answers on a post card please!)

I was very very boring I'm afraid to say & settled on two items, an eyeshadow & brow pencil! (you'll get a better haul on my youtube soon I've filmed it & half edited it before I left England!)

My eyeshadow choice was expensive pink, it looks really dark in the pan but once swatched it is a gorgeous pink with a peachy gold sheen, absolutely beautiful & one I know I can shove on quickly before work so will get a lot of use out of it!

The brow pencil I got was in the shade Dirty Blonde (my kinda name! :)) A very boring purchase but I quite like it!

Swatches (brow pencil, eyeshadow & tinted moisturiser)

So there's my very boring purchases but all great holiday buys I think! If you want a post about what I think are holiday necessities then let me know & I'll get on it! It's very boring at my mums & there's only so many games of cards a girl can play without needing other things to do! On another note, I miss my boyfriend so much! & I wont see him until Sunday! aaah! he's banned me from going on holiday without him again which is sweet! Anyway I'm rambling! I missed all the hoopla from the Mac 8pm thing, what was it all about & why 8pm last night!

Hope you're all having a lovely time whilst I'm away, 5 days in & I'm very brown & have very white hair & my eyes look stupidly green like I'm wearing contacts! I look a dick! haha!!

Thanks for reading! update me on you, I need as much entertainment as possible here!! :)

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  1. i think the cream blush ur looking for is joie de vivre, released with the Lillyland collection x


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