NOTD: Models Own Pure Purple

Saturday 27 November 2010

Hey ladies,

I've still got the press on nails on & the tips were getting a little ragged so needed to paint them. Tis' officially winter seen as it's freezing so I wanted to go for a darker nail!

It applies nicely & is opaque in two coats & nice & glossy without a top coat!

I'm not used to dark colours on my nails really so this is nice & refreshing & could cause a relapse in my nail polish collecting ... I don't have many winter shades hmmmm!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far! I didn't get out of bed today. Heaven! What you been up to in this awful cold?


  1. Gosh that looks great! I need to get this!


  2. That is a gorgeous colour, i don't have many winter shades either!

  3. Pretty shade! I don't own a nail polish like that. Gorgeous :)

  4. that's such a gorgeous colour! xoxo

  5. Very pretty colour! Despite having so many polishes, I don't think that I have a true purple colour! x


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