Nailene Press On Nails Review

Thursday 25 November 2010

Hey ladies,

I've seen so many reviews of these nails in the past few months so whilst stood in Boots I thought I'd buy some & give them a try!

Nails in original length

As you can see I did feel the need to file them down slightly as they look a little tacky longer.

I have now used the two sets you get with the packet & I held off reviewing them until I did because if you can only use one set it kind of makes them expensive at £6.99 per pack. I am glad to report that I managed to use both sets with a little filing before applying for the second set.

... And do you know what? I think they are fantastic, the glue I personally think was developed at NASA because it's strong bloody stuff! Nailene recommend you wear the nails for a maximum of one week, for the sake of being a dedicated reviewer for you & just lazy in general I decided to see how long they lasted, I kept my 1st set on for 2 weeks & at that stage there wasn't even a sign that they were coming off, I had painted them & needed to redo the colour so decided to replace the set with a new one! Very impressive!

I have to say the only negative thing I picked up on was the tips do wear off, so they can look a little shabby after a couple of days if you're a little rough with your nails like I am. To make up for this I just painted them with a lovely nail polish & fakey nails means no chipping!

Overall I really recommend this brand, I clearly was happy with paying the £6.99 for the pack & I would certainly purchase them again, I found them easyish to apply, there is a risk that your fingers end up being glued together which hurts like hell when you pull them apart but once you get the hang of it they're easy peasy! A very welcome low maintenance addition to my life at the minute, I don't have time to paint my nails 3 times per week like I use to so these just make life easier!

Have you tried these little beauties or recommend any other press on nails!! Let me know!


  1. I really wanna try these - they look so natural!

    Kaushal xx

  2. Try the Kiss Petite ones from Boots if you want a slightly shorter nail - they're perfect! xx

  3. These sound great, although I recommend Broadway Nails (also available at Boots) as they are cheaper than these and they have enough to do three sets if your lucky (depends on sizes etc.) and they also contain 'NASA' glue. :) Lovely blog, I'm a new follower.



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