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Monday 22 November 2010

Hey Ladies,

What would you do with £40,000?

Personally I would just grab my passport & get on a plane to the Maldives. A month in Paradise & away from work & the current weather sounds like heaven at the moment. Obviously a huge shopping day would have to be carried out but I find that whenever I have loads to spend I can never find anything to spend it on! Anyone find this happens to them? I'd then move out & into a new flat with my boyfriend & spend lots on furniture & making it my home, finally I'd get my dog back from Spain so he could live out his days with me & get a little puppy for him to teach his snaggy ways to!
So do you fancy winning £40,000? Well you can with PayPal all you have to do is buy something with PayPal and you'll be entered automatically into the weekly prize draw! And you get an entry each time you use it and so the more you buy the more chances you get! I think I may have a chance at winning if that's the case! Terms and Conditions of the competition

If I was on an immediate have to spend some money kick, I have had my eyes on these.
Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch from Asos £199

French Connection Riding Boots £160

French Connection Drape Dress from Asos £85

Origins Skin Care from Boots From £20 - £40

Freya Nadine Bra From Figleaves £27

Quite a good Christmas list as well!! Hint Hint!! So tell me what would you do with £40,000? Can you imagine it all spent on niceness just for yourself! heaven!
Thanks for reading & I hope you've all had a brilliant week!

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