Oil Cleanser Review Series - Nip & Fab Clean Fix

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Hey Ladies,

I LOVE oil cleansers! Love them, so thought i'd do reviews of the ones I've tried so far (there's been a few) & i'm always up for trying out new ones so jumped at the chance to try one that is a bit easier on the purse strings that other brands!

I present to you the brand Nip & Fab from the creator of Rodial Marie Hatzistefanis & their Clean Fix Oil Cleanser.

First of all I feel that most oil cleansers are pretty much the same in terms of their performance, I love them so much because they remove all make up effortlessly (the word effortlessly being the key word as I'm a lazy cow!) With less tugging on the lashes when removing mascara I've also found my lashes to be much fuller than before using oil cleansers and my skin hasn't ever reacted badly to one. So when I'm reviewing the oil cleansers that I've used the differences & my final recommendations will be based on factors that aren't really performance related as they all seem to work the same for me.

Packaging - Not the most luxurious packaging as it comes in a basic plastic bottle with a pump (which I think is necessary for an oil cleanser otherwise it goes everywhere), but completely practical & tidy looking being see through so would be fine on most bathroom counters.
Price - The initial price of the cleanser puts it at the lower end for oil cleansers at £9.95 as most of the major oil cleansers start at around £20. However you do get 120mls for your money so it works out at 8.3p/ml compared with say YSL cleansing oil (review coming soon) which works out at 9.45p/ml which is obviously more but not that much which you would expect from a brand like YSL.
Formula - It's quite a watery consistency and so spreads nicely across the face but can end up dripping off your chin so watch out, once some water is applied I found it emulsified very nicely & turned into a milky consistency without any effort (when it turns to a milk it makes it easy to remove the oil). Because it's so watery I find you go through the stuff quite quickly.
Smell - I found the only way to describe this smell is freshness/nothingness, there is no distinctive smell if any to be honest, which I think is a good thing as overpowering smells tend to deter me from using products. 

Overall I think this is a good lower end oil cleanser and I recommend it to people starting out with oil cleansers as it is the cheapest i've seen & easy to get hold of so if you're unsure if you'll like using one you're not wasting too much money if you feel they're not for you!

You can get it from Boots & the Nip & Fab site

Thanks for reading & if you've got any questions just ask! Lets have a vote for which oil cleanser you'd like to see me review next! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

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  1. Fab review, I really want to try this, the dermalogica oil cleanser is also really good x

  2. Great review Nic and perfect timing seen as I really want to try an oil cleanser.

    Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil next please!


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