FOTD & OOTD: Job Interview

Thursday 17 March 2011

Hey Ladies,

Because I've been heading to a few job interviews lately I thought I'd share what kind of look I go for when attending them, I think be smart but not too overly smart that it clashes against the personality you will show in the interview, i.e. have a soft & lovely personality in the interview whilst dressing like a high power bitch, it sends the wrong signal. I go for smart whilst being young & fashionable.

Top - New look
Skirt - Topshop

So as you can see really natural makeup, nothing that stands out just good skin & bright eyes and the outfit is just a body con skirt with super opaque tights (2 pairs) & a floaty chiffon top, it's smart but very girly & young so fits with my personality & not being someone whom I'm not, i.e. A high powered bitch (just erase the high powered & that's what I am!) As for hair & nails keep them polished & natural as possible nothing that stands out that you've taken 4 hours to get ready as in the real world no one has that amount of time to get ready for work. It's not a competition about who dresses the best it's who's best for the job so let your personality & achievements speak for themselves.

So I thought that this would give someone some tips when going for interviews, rarely do offices require you to wear formal suits these days so there's no point turning up to an interview in one, just look like you've made an effort & that should be enough!

Thanks for reading & hope you're all having a lovely week!

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  1. Good luck with your interviews - I feel like I never quite get the balance right with interviews, I either feel too smart/not like myself (suit) or underdressed.

    On a side note, your hair is lovely here!


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