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Tuesday 15 March 2011

Hey Ladies,

It's that time of the week again for me to profess my love of a beauty related item & this week it is ...

Gelish Sweet Chocolate

Soak off Gel Polish aka Shellac, Gelish, Gelac etc

If you struggle with nail polish chipping & don't have the time to paint them every other day these systems could be just what you're looking for or if your nails are really weak & you want to get them strong this is a great way to grow out the damage from your nails without them constantly peeling & breaking.

I think you will have all heard of the systems by now & I think they are amazing, because i've bought the kit myself I can change the colour once a week so I don't get sick of the colour but you can paint over the colour & just use an acetone free polish remover if you get sick of the shade & with the strength of the gel underneath they will be less inclined to chip.

Since having the system on my nails i've had zero breakages & my nails are paper thin under the gel! I am completely sold! it costs around £20 - £25 at a salon & every 2-3 weeks it is totally worth it. I just beg you to remove them properly otherwise you'll think they damage your nails which they don't if you soak them off correctly!

Hope you're all having a good week, mine has been full of smiles so far which i'm very happy about & you'll hear more about soon.


  1. Oooo do you think this would help nail growth? Mine are a bit crap, and I wouldn't dare bite them if I had paid to have them painted! xo

  2. I used to wear the acrylic(?) nails and used to get them done every 2 weeks for £15. My nails took a year to recover from the damage even though I went to the salon to have them removed properly. I would be interested in trying these if I knew they definately weren't going to destroy my nails now they are healthy again. Beautiful colour =)

    at: - would be honoured if you were to take a look.

  3. How much does the system cost? Also where did you purchase it? xx

  4. my mum has this same colour on at the moment and it was lovely :D maybe i should give it a go...

  5. oh i've really been wanting to get those done! love the color though!

    love your blog! following you on your blog and youtube now :)


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