Makeup Storage Ideas & Where To Buy Online!

Wednesday 2 March 2011

Hey Ladies,

One of the most requested vids I tend to get is how I store my make-up so instead of showing you, I thought I'd share some tips & tricks with you & some good storage idea's I've found online, so you don't have to!


This is such a great brand for inexpensive good quality acrylic storage. The website is a little annoying to find the good stuff but if you have patience you'll find some good things that will get your stash ship shape!

These are ideal if you enjoy the modern style make-up storage & like seeing it on display, it would go with any existing furniture so great to give as gifts for friends as well. The above selection is priced from around £10 to £20.

Laura Ashley

This is the brand you go to when you need beautiful items and don't mind paying extra for them.

Most Laura Ashley pieces I see on a beautiful white French dressing table and the above are no exception, prices are from about £15 to £35.


These are for more specific storage needs and the prices are quite low.

If you enjoy your makeup on full display & want to have a place for everything these bits from Amazon will be for you. Priced from around £8 to about £15.


Thank god for internet shopping, you can make a B&Q order without having to go where the men belong. These are more practical mid priced storage ideas.

I though these type of pull out drawers would look scruffy on their own so if you mixed and matched them in the above small book shelf it would make them look nicely organised, they are available in a few colours so it would be good to alternate the colours for example using black & white or red & black & make them more of a focal point in your room but still looking neat and tidy. Priced from around £10 to £20

So those are my storage ideas if you enjoyed it I will happily do another in the future, and perhaps once I've purchased a few of the above show you my own way that I organise my collection! If you've got any tips get sharing them below!!

Thanks for reading & I hope you're having a lovely week so far!!


  1. amazing post, my makeup just sits on my dresser in a massive mess! really need to sort it out. xo.

  2. Great post! x

  3. I love those muji things, only problem is I have to buy them in london and lug em back home as I hate buying them online as they always turn up cracked cos my delivery man is a complete tool :(

  4. TKMaxx is a great place to get really cute storage drawers if you don't mind taking the chance you'll get nothing! xxx


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