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Thursday 3 March 2011

Hey Ladies,

The problem with having no job (apart from the not having a job bit) is having loads of time on your hands & a Macbook with connection to the internet in your hands. This means lots of browsing & spontaneously deciding that my life will not be worth living for without the item that I'm coveting.

This is my current list .... my name is Nicola & I'm a shopaholic!

A Bag Pouch - Totally unnecessary thing to have but I figure I spend ages trying to find everything in my handbag so a pouch within my bag will all my necessities in will help with the quality of my life. I currently have 2 on my radar, one is from Mulberry & is about £80 which I think is reasonable & the other is from Chloe & will be a gift with purchase of a Chloe fragrance from The Perfume Shop this month! .... I think I want them both!

A Watch - I also have made it my mission to get a reasonably priced watch that I don't mind wearing everyday, I was going to get a Rose Gold Michael Kors one but when I tried it on it looked a little silly on me so my search has been continuing and I decided to look at ToyWatch and can't decide whether I like the standard one or the more fancy one!

Link to Goose's Glitter images from her site!

My Nails - As you all probably know I do love my nail polish but the last few months I've been too busy to think about taking care of them & keeping them manicured by painting them 3 or 4 times a week so I've been going with the easy option of using press on nails, then painting them & having the same shade on for a week. Now I've removed them I'm getting so excited about having the Shellac system & their equivalents from other brands to get my nails stronger & I have had a rather large shopping spree of new nail polish colours to use when my nails are nice & strong! The above pics are my inspiration I aim to create a black tipped manicure!!

French Toast - I found the recipe from  Lolasayswhat & I've had it like 4 times since, such a great breakfast, it's actually not THAT bad for you, bread = carbs, egg = protein, milk = Calcium (I use semi skimmed) & don't have sugar in my tea & don't have any really during the day so this is allowed! I also don't use butter to fry it in because there's never any in my house, the modification I've done is sprinkle the sugar on the fried toast & then kept it in the pan & it caramelises! Amazing!!

Hope you're all having a lovely week so far, mine has been spent with my nose pressed against my Macbook & playing Mario of course ... I really need a job!! :) Thanks for reading & let me know if you know anything in my obsessions that I NEED to have & what your current obsessions are!


  1. Oooh I so want that Chloe pouch too,
    and those nails are gorgeous!
    Never tried french toast but it looks so yummy x

  2. My current obsession foodwise is cherry bakewell tarts... infact it's less of a current obsession than a permanent obsession lol... so bad, but SO GOOD! I really fancy trying out Shellac/Gel systems tooo xxx

  3. Awwww French Toast!!!! You've made me so hungry now. Nom nom nom! I'm obsessed with Tyrells sweet and salted popcorn at the's amazing!!!

  4. i want my nails to look like that too xxxxx

  5. love the bag pouch, especially the Chloe one, it's gorgeous!
    click ♡

  6. If you want the easy option on the different coloured french try dashing diva, they do them in loads of colours in the usa. You can get them from ebay though xx


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