NOTD: Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in Taupe Couture

Saturday 5 March 2011

Hey Ladies,

Well what can I say? I've been after this nail polish for ages & was unable to spot it until yesterday when I was on a quest for my high street makeup challenge I've set myself (basically to find high street makeup I actually like!) & here it is!!

Excuse the little finger (part of my uv gel polish experiment!)

I have to say it's a little bit of a disappointment, it took 3 coats to get it even which I think is a bit rubbish for a dark nail polish & I think the brush is the problem as it kind of takes the polish off when you're trying to add it. The main but of disappointment is that in the bottle it looks a really interesting taupe shade of brown, grey & purple but when it dries on your nail it is more a very dark grey with a hint of purpleness the brown is kind of lost, don't get me wrong I really like the shade it dries to but it's not the shade I hoped it would be.

As for the 'up to 7 days wear' I hate that phrase, 'up to 7 days wear' could mean an afternoon's wear or 5 days but there's no chance it'll last more than 2 days on me, with the rate at which my nails chip & the fact that it took 3 coats to get even it's got no chance, if I experience a miracle I will let you all know! Let me know if you've tried the Strong Pro polishes & how long it lasted!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far, i've been filming YouTube videos galore so watch out for them!!


  1. I have the Forever Strong French Manicure just because I love having neat 'naked' looking nails, but it's been a disaster from day 1. I've barely worn it as every time I've tried it takes a year and a day to dry and different nails look like they have more coats on than others, absolute nightmare! Having said that I am desperate to buy 'Nude Rose' Forever Strong polish, but only cause I can't find another similar colour! xx

  2. oooh love this colour, i think dark/greyish colours look amazing on nails for a change! great post xxx

  3. That's a bit disappointing it takes so many coats to get a decent colour. I never have the patience for that. I really like rimmel and barry m, they're always pretty good x


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