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Monday 14 March 2011

Hey Ladies,

I don't think i've done a post like this in a while so thought i'd update you on my activities (or lack thereof)

My boyfriend will laugh at me for this pic, I told him I wasn't taking a pic of it for my blog!

Getting Fitter - Since the sun has finally appeared out of the winter clouds I am on a little bit of a mission to get a bit fitter, I'm not aiming to lose loads of weight just walk more & join a Zumba class & stop being so bloody lazy as I currently am. I realised that I don't own a pair of trainers but I have bought some stuff to wear in my Zumba class I just need to get some trainers I kind of want the Reebok Easytone trainers they look so much nicer than other toning trainers, if anyone has tried them let me know if they're good!

Chocolate Cake - Yes it may be somewhat of a contradiction to the previous focus, but what's the point of working out if you can't have some chocolate cake afterwards as a reward. Well tonight I was fancying some cake & somewhere in the back of my memory of this post from Oxford Jasmine & gave it a go! Seriously it is miracle cake, it takes 5 minutes to prepare & cook in the microwave & if you're in a state & craving cake its perfect because most of the ingredients I always have in my house! I bow down to the woman!!

Summer - I have seen the sun & in my head it is now summer officially, I've bought maxi dresses & a big sun hat, obviously we're in the 2nd week of March so I know it isn't summer but I don't care, hopefully I can plan a trip to Paris in the summer & again in my head I'm already there!

High Street Makeup - I'm going to film a video this week about my mission to find some good high street makeup & I have to say it's made me excited about makeup again because I've genuinely found some great products that I have been reaching for everyday so watch out for my video. I'm so disappointed I can't get hold of the No7 Spring collection lipsticks I tried them out & loved them & been to a few Boots stores & can't find them! :( Remember to enter my giveaway.

So that's been my week i'm currently trying to upload a video to YouTube but my internet is being such a pain! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend, mine has been great I got to spend time with my boyfriend & wonderful friend Jade. I hope we're all counting our blessings after the awful goings on in Japan on Friday & over the weekend I know I certainly am, we can all complain about the weather in the UK but we are so lucky to be living in such a safe place where natural disasters are very infrequent.


  1. I have to agree with you on the whole summer thing, I was thinking today it already feels like summer, i love it :)


  2. Hi Nicola!I bought some Nike Free Run trainers. They feel like you are barefoot - great for indoor workouts etc. Wouldn't wear them hiking. They give your foot lots of support but don't feel clunky like some trainers do. They come in girly colours too. Love.


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