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Monday, 14 March 2011

Sunday Summary .... Technically Monday!

Hey Ladies,

I don't think i've done a post like this in a while so thought i'd update you on my activities (or lack thereof)

My boyfriend will laugh at me for this pic, I told him I wasn't taking a pic of it for my blog!

Getting Fitter - Since the sun has finally appeared out of the winter clouds I am on a little bit of a mission to get a bit fitter, I'm not aiming to lose loads of weight just walk more & join a Zumba class & stop being so bloody lazy as I currently am. I realised that I don't own a pair of trainers but I have bought some stuff to wear in my Zumba class I just need to get some trainers I kind of want the Reebok Easytone trainers they look so much nicer than other toning trainers, if anyone has tried them let me know if they're good!

Chocolate Cake - Yes it may be somewhat of a contradiction to the previous focus, but what's the point of working out if you can't have some chocolate cake afterwards as a reward. Well tonight I was fancying some cake & somewhere in the back of my memory of this post from Oxford Jasmine & gave it a go! Seriously it is miracle cake, it takes 5 minutes to prepare & cook in the microwave & if you're in a state & craving cake its perfect because most of the ingredients I always have in my house! I bow down to the woman!!

Summer - I have seen the sun & in my head it is now summer officially, I've bought maxi dresses & a big sun hat, obviously we're in the 2nd week of March so I know it isn't summer but I don't care, hopefully I can plan a trip to Paris in the summer & again in my head I'm already there!

High Street Makeup - I'm going to film a video this week about my mission to find some good high street makeup & I have to say it's made me excited about makeup again because I've genuinely found some great products that I have been reaching for everyday so watch out for my video. I'm so disappointed I can't get hold of the No7 Spring collection lipsticks I tried them out & loved them & been to a few Boots stores & can't find them! :( Remember to enter my giveaway.

So that's been my week i'm currently trying to upload a video to YouTube but my internet is being such a pain! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend, mine has been great I got to spend time with my boyfriend & wonderful friend Jade. I hope we're all counting our blessings after the awful goings on in Japan on Friday & over the weekend I know I certainly am, we can all complain about the weather in the UK but we are so lucky to be living in such a safe place where natural disasters are very infrequent.

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