NOTD: The Only Way I Wear A Crackle Polish

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Hey Ladies,

Thought i'd show you how I wear crackle nail polish even though I rarely do, I think it just looks scruffy most of the time but when done right I think it looks like some nail art.

Basically I think it looks like nail art when worn as an accent nail! Otherwise you look like you've got major chipping occurring. I used a thick layer of the Barry M Black crackle & then once it had done its thing popped a top coat over it (I detest matte nails). Oh & the base shade is Essie Haute As Hello.

I love the contrast between the almost neon pastel pinky/coral & the black & like I said as an accent nail it looks intentional instead of scruffy!!

Hope you're all having a lovely week so far, I have been loving the weather & had a rather long walk (7 miles) today which was lovely & I am now pooped!! (it was gorgeous where I was but I heard horrible down south!! In yo' face!!) Oh & remember to watch my haul videos I posted on Youtube here & here (i had to split it into two!)


  1. I really like the way this looks. I've been umming and ahhing about getting one of the crackle polishes, and almost got the Bazza M black one at the weekend, but then decided I wasn't entirely sure. I think it has the potential to look pretty scruffy as you say, but loving it like this :)

  2. Wait until you see the new Nails Inc gold crackle it's amazing and it looks pretty as opposed to scruffy.

  3. Love this!

  4. So true! I got the sally hansen crackle polish last week in black and was very disappointed when I put it on, since it looks so "undone". I'll definitely have to try this out :)

  5. i am yet to get into the crackle trend i think it always looks scruffy but it looks really nice on one nail, it looks more deliberate... :D

  6. I wear it like this too it can sometimes be abit too much on all nails.. cute colour :)


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