REVIEW: Nicky Clarke DesiRED Hair Dryer

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Hey Ladies,

I used to go through a hair dryer a year when i was younger, without fail mine would pack up just in time for my birthday & my dad would always replace it as an extra present. Then one year he did good the Captain (my dad's mokier at work) purchased a hair dryer that lasted and lasted ... 8 years to be precise until disaster struck and it exploded in my hands a few weeks ago, I swear you will have never seen someone throw something so quickly and far as I did I could have challenged for the javelin gold medal.

All I can say is hair dryers have come on in leaps & bounds in the past 8 years (you'd have never guessed) so I thought I would review it's replacement.

"Nicky Clarke's DesiRED range is all about creating fabulous salon styles faster than ever before. This next generation dryer uses the latest in ionic and tourmaline technology to help leave your hair shiny, frizz free and easier to style."

I cannot believe how quickly this dries my hair, it takes 3 minutes total. Root to tip. Back to front. The lot. The last one took 5 minutes just to do the roots!

The hair dryer has a few useful features apart from the drying the hair thing, the cord is super long which is great if your mirror isn't right next to a plug or like me you like to walk about whilst drying your hair with your head upside down. There is also a 'Cool Shot' button (their words not mine) which you should apparently 'seal in' styles in your hair ... personally I use my 'Cool shot' button when I get in from work having walked up the giant hill home & am boiling my clothes get thrown on the floor & I just cool myself down with it. (sorry for the mental image you have in your head right now).

It is also a nice weight, not too light so it feels cheap but not too heavy if you have super thick hair your arm will die whilst blow drying your hair. The price is also pretty good the rrp is around £35 but if you shop around you can find it at great prices, Amazon have it at the moment for £15.99 so a bargain too!

All in all I really recommend this hair dryer it ticks all the boxes, looks good, dries my hair quickly & without frizzing it up, great price and a long cord!

Hope you're having a lovely week!! Aren't 4 day weeks amazing, it's nearly Friday yet feels like a Tuesday!


  1. I need this, my hairdryer takes ages and i have the straighteners for the desired range and they are great

  2. This comes at such a good time because my hairdryer exploded a few days ago..will check this one out!

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  6. Hi does anybody know where I can get a replacement filter gauze for my nicky Clarke desired hairdryer please

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