TRENDS: River Island A/W 2012

Monday 27 August 2012

Hey Ladies,

I spent some time in London last week & the hours I put in on Oxford Street & Westfields was like a full time job except I didn't earn any money I just spent it ... a LOT of it! One thing that struck me was most of the stores have their Autumn/Winter lines in and most of it involves leather. I have been looking for a new leather jacket for ages and I think I may have found it from River Island. It actually isn't leather but unlike most leather looking jacket it isn't shiny & fake looking, the image I saw it in is amazing too!!

I love the quilting detailing and the gold zip, mine all seem to have silver and I hate wearing it with my Mulberry Taylor handbag which has gold hardware as does my Balenciaga so this is perfect plus the fur collar should make it a bit warmer so I could wear it in Autumn & brave some of the winter with it ... I also love the bag in the images, and the boots!

I've embedded the video for the campaign below so you can see more about the collection, oh & the jacket is available online!

Hope you have all had a lovely bank holiday if you're in the UK or if you are not as fortunate as us in the UK (never thought i'd type that in my life) then I hope your Monday wasn't too painful if it helps I've been sat doing overtime all day because the weather is miserable!

Are you all into this leather trend? I thought it would all be a little too 80's for me but I have to admit the amount of pieces i've tried on with some sort of leather detailing has been increasing!


  1. I love the River island AW collection , the jacket is gorgeous !

    Beautiful Dreams

  2. I NEED that mongolian stripy stole. it is everything. wow. xxx

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