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Monday 19 November 2012

Hey Ladies,

If you have dry/damaged hair I seriously want you to click on this link & buy this hair repair system by Joico because it is probably the best thing i've put on my hair in a very long time, if not ever.

Joico K-Pak Hair Repair System

"This professional 4 Step hair repair system repairs damage caused by thermal styling, chemical treatments and environmental aggressors such as sun and wind and dry or humid climates. The high-performance, professional K-Pak products in this 4 Step System features Joico’s exclusive Quadramine Complex which replaces lost amino acids by utilising the proper amino acid composition"
My hair has been in pretty good condition recently after getting a few inches cut off last month however after re-ombré'ing it on Sunday (will hopefully do a separate post about it) I knew it was the perfect time to try this hair repair system.

There are four steps in the kit and for each step you need to leave the treatment in for 5 minutes, rinsing and towel drying between steps (nothing extreme with the towel drying just so its not soaking)

Step One:
K-Pak Chelating Shampoo - a clarifying shampoo which is designed to remove all product build up in you hair as well as chlorine and mineral deposits if you live in a hard water area. It is a really nice shampoo if you're after a clarifying shampoo as it doesn't dry out the hair as much as some do.

Step Two:
K-Pack Cuticle Sealer -  This step is supposed to smooth and tighten the cuticle and restore the hair's natural pH balance. It's quite a thin consistency compared to the other steps and after I applied it initially I didn't think it would do much but I left it in the 5 or so minutes and I could feel a massive difference when I was washing out, my hair felt much smoother and less tangled.

Step Three:
K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor - This next step is designed to rebuild the structure of the hair from within so that it is smoother and stronger.  If you was ever prescribed Amoxacilin when you were a kid you'll probably know the smell of artificial banana well, personally I can't abide the smell and this smells exactly like it but it is probably the best deep conditioner I've ever used so I am willing to hold my breath. The difference this made to my hair was remarkable and I do not use those words lightly, it went from feeling pretty dry & straw like to feeling like no bleach had been near my hair. Amazing stuff!

Step Four:
K-Pak Intense Hydrator - The final step is supposed to replenish moisture, improve elasticity and seal the cuticle. After the previous three steps this was the icing on the cake and once I had rinsed it out my hair felt healthier than before I had bleached it.

After i'd washed out all the bleach my hair felt like straw, straw that had been left in the Sahara for a year but after these four steps felt like new, like it had never seen bleach, straightening irons or a hair dryer in its life. Once it was blow dried my hair looked shiny, healthy & felt like silk.

If you have overly processed hair damaged hair I am ordering you to get your behind onto BeautyBay & order this kit, each bottle is 100ml & the kit is £15.95. Probably the best money I've spent in a long time.

Each step is available full size from £11 - £15ish so the kit is a great way to try the range out. I will be purchasing each full size for certain & I've already eyed the 1 litre bottle of the reconstructor. The four step system is a bit of a hassle and time consuming to do but is totally worth it, of course each step can be used separately day to day & if your hair is needing a bit of TLC you can combine all the steps for total hair salvation!

Have you tried anything from the Joico brand? Let me know any recommendations, I urge you to purchase this kit you will NOT be disappointed!

As a side not this is not a sponsored post & I purchased the kit with my own money & the links aren't affiliate links. In case you were wondering. I just think its a brilliant product!


  1. Not tried it, or even heard of it! This is such a rave review, so tempted now. WIll have to read up :)

  2. Thank you so much for this review, was very helpful! ive just gone and bought this due to your review. Ive got dry hair and with highlights, need this in my life lol :)

  3. I think this was created for my hair. I need to get it in my life!!! My hair is horrible and dry!!


  4. New follower here, so hello pretty! :) This sounds awsome you've seriously convinced me to try it out! But may i ask how many uses did you get out of these 100ml samples? And which ones out of the 4 products you think are the greatest? Thank you!


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