REVLON Sweet Boutique is Back

Saturday 17 November 2012

Hey Ladies,

Now I get some good parcels as a blogger which I am always grateful for but I have to say one came to my door step today which is pretty hard to beat (companies of course are welcome to try ... I kid ... I kid), anyway it was sent to me to commemorate/promote the return of the Sweet Boutique from Revlon.

Revlon Colorburst Lipbutter in Raspberry Pie* & a couple of other treats.
I have been trying to wear the bolder Autumn/Winter lip shades recently, whilst I can prance around my house in them comfortably actually walking out the house is a challenge & as I don't tend to go out much at night it needs to be a daytime trend for me. One swipe on my lips & I happily wore this shopping today, it's nice & bright but doesn't look overdone especially with simple makeup.

The other lip butter in the picture is Berry Smoothie which I have featured before, a less loud pink which is perfect when you want slightly bolder eyes.

The Sweet Boutique will be back on their Facebook page from November 21st until December 4th where they will be giving 100 lip butters away each day.

Now you get to see a whole lot of my face, pouts & all!

Pout 1 
Pout 2
As you can tell I pretty much LOVE this lip butter & dare I say it kind of wish that Revlon did one that was more of a blackberry shade to see how far I could go into this Autumn/Winter shade, any of you rocking these shades? Which are your favourites?


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