WANT: Hermés Kelly

Thursday 11 April 2013

 Hey ladies,

I often get asked questions about bags, designer ones in particular in regards to which one to buy, which colour and mainly how I afford them and so I thought I'd share my current handbag target and ways to help fund my habit.

My usual advice to first time designer bag buyers is to:
1. Think about the bags main use - do you want a bag that you can use everyday or a special occasion bag. If it is an everyday bag you're in the market for I would definitely advise to choose a bag with a shoulder strap because I've made the mistake of purchasing a bag that could only be held in the crook of the arm & when you carry round as much rubbish as I do it is painful.
2. Think carefully about the colour - yes neon green is very on trend but it probably wouldn't go with many outfits or be very practical for everyday use. Most of my bags are either black or brown they go with so many outfits so I get a lot of use out of them.
3. Set your budget - there are so many designers to choose from and if you don't want to go too crazy on price my favourite designers to look at would definitely be Marc by Marc Jacobs, See by Chloé and Michael Kors.

Having said all that my current bag on my 'I want that' radar is a turquoise Hermés Kelly. It definitely breaks my own rules on colour but I am lucky enough that I have a few bags for everyday ie boring black so I'm In the market for something fun and to brighten up this awful weather.

In terms of funding I work full time and work my socks off too with overtime and so can obviously save, I also get income from advertising on this site (so thank you for visiting my page) and if I am really close to my goal and can't wait until next payday:

1. eBay your life - round up all the rubbish in your house & stick it on eBay, you'd be surprised how much it builds up in your Paypal account & it can be quite addictive and hey if you sell everything in your house & have a beautiful handbag in your hand who cares right?
2. Cash for gold - round up that Elizabeth Duke jewellery from your teens & cash it in, it's probably too horrific to sell on eBay so if you sell it in on weight you'd be surprised how much it could fetch. One of my friends mum sold some old chains & ended up with £900.

Have you any top tips for saving or any bags you have your eye on??

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  1. I'm always lusting after designer bags and I'm forever eBaying things to help fund it! The Hermes Kelly is gorgeous!



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