HOLY GRAIL: Giorgio Armani Master Corrector

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Hey Ladies,

When it comes to my everyday makeup I keep it simple: good skin, strong brows & long fluttery lashes, no other eye makeup will be sported (I prefer 5 minutes extra in bed).

Getting my skin looking as close to perfect as I am ever going to get takes the most time and one product that has helped that process greatly is Giorgio Armani's Master Corrector (shade 1)

Giorgio Armani Master Corrector Number 1

"Giorgio Armani's Skin Master corrector is formulated with exclusive Micro–fil™ technology to allow for targeted correction, visibly concealing imperfections while light–reflecting pearls help to create a flawless finish"

There are many salmon toned correctors on the market: Mac, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Eve Pearl to name a few and whilst I have raved about the likes of Bobbi Brown in the the past once I applied this to my very dark circles my heart was stolen.

This is without doubt the most amazing corrector I have ever tried, it is so lightweight it feels like you have nothing on yet immediately my dark circles look brighter and less visible, once a yellow toned concealer is applied my dark circles are gone with no cakeyness. I dare those of you with dark circles and fine lines to not love this.

After I purchased this I thought it would be the perfect duo with the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer so off I popped to Selfridges, once I applied the concealer on top of this it was cake city. I never realised how heavy it was around the eyes so I was a bit miffed I wasted £23 however I tried blending them together and hey presto I found the perfect duo, the Master Corrector lightens the texture of the concealer and still works perfectly to correct the dark circles. By no means am I recommending to purchase both I am just using up the concealer I think the Master Corrector will work perfectly underneath any concealer designed for under the eyes, I am personally eyeing up the Master Concealer by Giorgio Armani.

The Master Corrector is £25.00 for 4.4mls which is expensive but because it is so thin you use very little on each application and I've used it daily since December and don't even seem to have made a dint.

As you can probably tell I TOTALLY recommend this if you are a fellow dark circle sufferer (pounds fists) Have any of you got any other Giorgio Armani recommendations? I personally think I fancy trying the Master Concealer & Lasting Silk Foundation next.


  1. I've just been looking at purchasing a new concealer, and this sounds right up my alley! Dark under eye circles and fine lines unite!

    Blindly Beautiful

  2. Looks amazing I sleep really badly so I think this could be the one for me! xxx


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