Glamping: Stanley Villa Farm Camping Bugs

Sunday 28 July 2013

Hey Ladies,
First came the Festival and now i've been Glamping, check me out!! Ever since I heard of the concept of Glamping I have wanted to go, I personally can't think of anything worse than a tent & sleeping on the floor so when the option of a little wooden hut & an actual bed was presented to me I was determined to go. Unfortunately for the longest time I have only found sites down in Cornwall and Devon which is a tad far away for me and so when I heard of Stanley Villa Farm near Blackpool on the CoolCamping website I immediately enquired on the availability with all this beautiful weather we've been having.
Stanley Villa Farm Camping Bugs

The site is set in the most gorgeous location by a lake as you can probably see above, I took along my boyfriend and his little boy and we had a sudden panic on the way about what we could entertain a five year old with but fortunately it is very family friendly and there was a few children there so he made a few new friends and played a bit of football.

Once we were all settled we had a little tour and I was happy to see a communal kitchen with tea & coffee as well as a few wet rooms and toilets (I refuse to have a wee outside) My boyfriend did his knee in playing football so he was subbed off and cooked our meal on a barbecue (men are ALWAYS in charge of barbecue's) Once the light had faded the self proclaimed 'Firestarter' known as my other half made us a fire in the fire pit provided, sadly he did a really good job and his ego is even more inflated than it already was and we had a lovely evening surrounded by firelight enjoying the outdoors.

It is a great option if you have kids and don't like the idea of tents or for couples looking for a little peace and quite and an adventure, dogs are welcome and they even have a grooming parlour on site I just wish I had one to take with me (surely an excuse to get one for my next trip) Alex who runs the site is lovely and very welcoming and will help you any way he can.

For more information on location and dates just visit their website it is very reasonably priced at about £40ish per night and I definitely recommend it.

Have you ever been Glamping? The only thing that freaked me out was a giant moth so I think I did pretty well considering I am a hotels only kind of girl! I camped once in my back garden when I was about 7 and made my dad get my mattress and put it in the tent!


  1. I love camping! This looks like a lovely alternative though, especially with the unpredictable British weather.. £40 a night is pretty reasonable, too!

    Jess xo

  2. I am sadly going camping in a few weeks, I have tried to convince my friends to go glamping but sadly I will be in a tent xx

  3. Interesting! I am well over camping, so perhaps this is a happy medium for me. In Whipsnade zoo near where I live they have pods like this, would be so weird to sleep in a zoo! A v. lucritive idea I can bet. One of these in a beautiful spot like by a lake would be my idea of loveliness :)
    I am a creature that likes her home comforts though...

  4. I've wanted to do camping like this for ages! I'm not one for camping in a tent so this would suit me perfectly :) xx

  5. These look so cute. I've wanted to go glamping for a while now, it is still on my to do list. x

  6. Nicola these are fantastic! I may have to take james for my 21st! I thought they were only down south too! xx

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