NOTW: ibd Just Gel Polish - Seashell Pink

Sunday 4 August 2013

Hey Ladies,

Well this week I've realised how much I've neglected my blog in recent months, once I had a thorough talking to by myself I vowed to be a better beauty blogger. Not only have I planned out a whole month of blogging with a fancy calendar (Instagram pic) but I've decided to have a scheduled posting plan; Sundays are going to be Nail of the week, Tuesdays are going to be either skincare or haircare reviews and Thursdays will be makeup reviews. You my friends are some lucky buggers!

It's Sunday which of course means Nail of The Week, as I have gel manicures every two weeks expect to see some gel polishes, online swatches are pretty poor so hopefully they'll be useful to some people.
After a very bored afternoon I did something I never do, I picked off my gel which damaged my nails a little bit and so I took the very brave decision to trim my nails down. (I'm having flashbacks).

Whenever my nails are at their shortest I love nude colours, this from ibd Just Gel is the perfect milky pink, it takes quite a few coats to get to this level of opaqueness but once  get there your nails look polished and healthy and of course the shade goes with everything so you don't have to worry about clashing.

idb Just Gel are probably my favourite gel polishes, they come in some amazing shades both classic and trendy and last two weeks easily, as I do my own gel manicures it's essential for polishes to last the full two weeks as it takes so bloody long for them to be soaked off so it's not worth doing once a week.

Are you a gel manicure fan or do you prefer to stick with traditional polish?

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  1. I really want to get into doing my own gel nails, they look lovely!x


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