25 Facts About Me

Friday 30 August 2013

Hey Ladies,
I thought i'd do a little getting to know me session and post a cheeky piece all about ME!
This is me!
Bonus Fact: I don't have a fringe anymore but I like my hair this shade!
1. Anchorman is my all time favourite film: I don't need to explain myself it just is! The VC in my title stands for Veronica Corningstone a character of the film, I cannot wait for the sequel to come out in December.

2. When I have had an alcoholic beverage I believe I am Jay Z: I love rap music so the collaboration of Jay Z and Kanye in N***s in Paris was sheer perfection and probably my most played song since its release. I always request it on a night out and for those three or so minutes I am the embodiment of Jay Z and rap along to my hearts content.

3. I am very sarcastic: I think sarcasm is a very ingrained within the British psyche and many people don't really get my sarcasm, being raised by my dad with my brothers and surrounded by men I think it shaped my sense of humour and so am very sarcastic in that sense and it is always my defence mechanism which drives my boyfriend insane.

4. Despite writing a beauty blog I don't wear much makeup: Day to day I am incredibly lazy with my makeup application and never wear eyeshadow or liner, on very rare occasions I will wear some lipstick but I usually stick to; foundation, concealer, powder, mascara, eyebrow pencil and bronzer. I prefer ten minutes extra in bed.

5. I am VERY clumsy: So far in my life I have broken eight bones; both bones in my arm twice, both my little fingers, my ankle and my nose. I often trip over my own pyjama bottoms and am forever going flying, I should be made to wear a hard hat at all times.

6. My favourite time of the day is when I remove my makeup: There's something so relaxing about washing your face in lovely hot water after a long day with your makeup on.

7. I have a major fear of moths / birds / anything flappy: I don't really know why; they just freak me out.

8. I love Star Trek/Stargate/X-Files: I really don't need to defend myself here but I'm a total sci fi geek they're just programmes I always watched with my brothers so I didn't have a choice but to like them and now I really enjoy them. Don't judge.

9. I studied Accounting and Finance for my degree: I was always good with numbers at school so it was a logical field to study, however if someone told me after 4 years of utter misery studying at a very disorganised university you're not a qualified accountant and have to study whilst working afterwards I probably wouldn't have bothered.

10. I don't have the ability to bite into apples, strawberries and cold sandwiches: All very random things and I don't know why I can't it's not because I've got sensitive teeth; it just makes me cringe and I can't do it.

11. I hate wearing heels: They hurt and most require constant concentration so not to go arse over tit; quite frankly I'd prefer a pair of converse any day of the week.

12. I wish Mason Disik was my child: I generally don't like children but the moment I saw Mason on Keeping up With The Kardashians I wanted to actually kidnap him; he's just TOO cute and every time he speaks I just want to steal him!

13. Watermelon is my most favourite food to eat: I could seriously chow down on the stuff until it came out my ears, it's so refreshing!

14. I am very 'unhip' with my music taste: I don't listen to any 'current' music apart from Jay-z/Beyonce, I actually work within the music and entertainment industry and when band names/singers are being dealt with I have to google most of them, I even rang up a company about Chase and Status and as they were down on my system as 'Chase Status' and I just said 'It's regarding Chase Status'; I hadn't a clue!

15. I don't like dogs I LOVE DOGS: If I don't see a dog for a while I start to get very sad, I'm not a fan of cats because they always jump out at me and frighten me as they're so quiet whereas dogs are in your face bundles of love who just want to love you and for you to love them. There is nothing better than coming home and being greeted by a dog who is so happy to see you they dart round the house in excitement. I miss my dog every day even after two years of him dying and people who don't have dogs really don't get how much their loss affects you, it's the same as losing a good friend especially when you have them for 15 years like I did.

16. No one can make me laugh more than my older brother Paul: He just has a nack for making me hurt from laughing he knows exactly how to get me, I once had a mouthful of hot chocolate and he made me spit it out laughing ... onto a white wall.

17. The only TV I watch is Football and The Great British Bake Off: Football is again due to being raised with boys and TGBBO is just TV magic, I love baking and last year Brendan stole my heart so I'm happy it's back on for a new series.

18: I am a workaholic: I don't seem to have the ability to sit and watch TV/Film without doing something else at the same time which is productive; whether it's tidying/organising, blogging or actual work. I have to always be doing something.

19. When I laugh I often snort and always cry: It is the most annoying thing when you can't stop laughing so much so that you cry, so many times at work I've got the giggles and most of my makeup runs off my face so I look a right state. Highly annoying.

20. I have never seen the films Dirty Dancing, Ghost, any Harry Potters, any Twilights: The idea of a 20 odd year old 'dirtily dancing' with a 16 year old creeps me out as does a pervy ghost and as for a load of kids with magic wands and horny vampire teenagers doesn't appeal to me.

21. I am more than happy in my own company: It never occurred to me until my last job that going shopping on your own/eating lunch on your own/having a coffee on your own was a big deal for some people, although I love my friends I am happy to do all those things by my lonesome and I love having peaceful nights doing what I want to do.

22. I cry at pretty much all Disney Pixar Films: They just always seem to get me, one of my first dates with my partner we went to see Up at the cinema and within 10 minutes of the film we were both in floods of tears, he's just as bad as me.

23. I have only ever been to once concert which was Take That: I went when I was about 10 maybe and my love for Robbie Williams knew no end (I didn't let my cousin fancy him she had to fancy Mark Owen!) and a week before I was due to see them he left the band. I cried. I was devistated and didn't want to go but my mum made me and I sulked all the way through it with my arms crossed.

24. My pet peeve is people who are impolite: Manners cost nothing and we all know manners maketh man, I truly believe this; if you haven't heard someone don't say 'what' say 'pardon', always hold a door open for the person behind you and always say your please/thank you/excuse me etc It takes zero effort but shows respect for the people around you.

25. My Starbucks order is Peppermint Mocha/ Peppermint Mocha Frappachino: It tastes like an After 8. Enough said.

So there's some facts about me, now what random things can you tell me about yourselves?


  1. HA sorry just laughed out loud when i read the part about tripping on your pyjama bottoms. I used to do that so now everyone buys me 3/4 length bottoms lol. I hate biting into apples,i chop mine up with my snap and slice. Loved reading this post :)

  2. Hi Nicola, what a great post, I feel like I got to know you a little better. I didn't know that you like football that much and that you don't wear make up that much.



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