Nail of The Week: Red Carpet Manicure Plum up The Volume

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hey Ladies,
The first gel polish I applied from the Red Carpet Manicure set I purchased was this one and it was the gel polish I applied that actually lasted two weeks.
I wouldn't exactly describe this as a plum as the name suggests it is, I'd say it was more like a dark raspberry pink; perfect for this time of year at the end of summer/beginning of autumn. I cannot believe it is September!

Red Carpet Manicure polishes are amazing quality and certainly last the two weeks of application, initially the range was a bit 'classic' ie totally not me but i'm happy they've released some collections with more trend shades so you may see a few more modern Nail of The Weeks in the future from them; I seriously need to purchase Santorini Martini, Tangerine on The Rocks and Mimosas by The Pool. Perhaps I'm craving a cocktail with names like those but they are a minty jadey green, bright orange and a bright coral respectively, perhaps better purchases for the start of summer. Oh well!

You can purchase Red Carpet Manicure shades £12.95 each and the system from their website (link) & it's free postage which I always like to see especially if you just want to purchase one colour at once.


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