NOTW: Mavala Bamako

Sunday 22 September 2013

Hey Ladies,

Ok so this is technically a summer nail polish release but like I said last week although I may gravitate towards darker colours in the Autumn/Winter it doesn't mean I don't enjoy a none-seasonal shade on my nails.
This is a gorgeous mix of green and turquoise; almost an emerald green but with a hint of blue. Opaque and streak free in two coats and it lasts a very respectable time on the nails around five days chip free then it wares at the edges slightly.

Mavala polishes are some of my favourite I own as they're fairly inexpensive at £4 each (Link) perhaps ml for ml they might not be the most economical as they're so dinky but lets face it who the hell finishes bottles of nail polish these days; I haven't finished a single one! These feel less wasteful and much more compact to store (meaning you can purchase more right?)


  1. What a lovely colour! Sounds like i needa get my hands on it! xx

  2. Love love love this colour :) I've never heard of Mavala polishes before, I might need to do some digging and find out where I can get them!

    Shannon @ xoxo

  3. If you follow the link after the price it'll take you to beauty bay. They're cheapest there plus free delivery

  4. Love this shade. I agree I love mavala and their teeny bottles


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