REVIEW: ARK Skincarei Pre Skin Cleanse

Friday 27 September 2013

Hey Ladies,

My love for oil / balm cleansers knows no bounds; I seriously want to try everyone on the market and review them so if you have any requests let me know!
ARK Pre Skin Cleanse*
A revolution in skin cleansing. This innovative product is the first step in our powerful cleansing routine. The multi-fruit lipid blend dissolves every last trace of daily grime, excess sebum and make-up – even waterproof mascara – while nourishing and soothing skin with a blend of natural ingredients.

I enjoy the simplicity of ARK and the concept of their product line; 'essentials' which every age group can use like this oil cleaser and then you choose which line of the products is suited for your age;
Age Prepare: Teens to early 30's
Age Maintain: Mid 30's to 50
Age Repair: 50's and beyond

On to the product; This is the thinest cleansing oil i've come across and I love that about it, it dissolves my makeup much more effectively because of this with minimum rubbing; the packaging is perfect for the texture as well as the pump doesn't shoot the thin oil everywhere it just dispenses it perfectly into the palm.

It is made with grape seed, avocado and kiwi oils as well as Margosa leaf extract which destroys standing bacteria on the skin so it is a great cleanser for oily skin; if you have been put off with oil cleansers having oily skin this could be the one for you.

I think it is very reasonably priced at £22.00 for 125mls (Link) especially considering it contains no mineral oil (something which a LOT of oil cleansers are jam packed with both the inexpensive and the more annoying the very expensive) also unlike many 'natural' cleansers/products it doesn't have one bit of a smell to it so if you have a sensitive nose I highly recommend this.

Have you got an oil based cleanser you swear by? or do you have your eye on one and want me to review it, let me know!

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