REVIEW: LiLash & LiBrow

Thursday 25 June 2015

Let’s get down to it … this stuff is ah-FRICKEN-mazing, seriously amazing. Both the LiLash and LiBrow just work, I don’t know what witchcraft is used but based on my results if you use these products you will be left with the longest eyelashes of your life in about 4 – 5 weeks and thicker denser brows in about 6 weeks. Apparently the 12 week mark is when you should see the full results but I saw them much quicker so if you’re impatient these could be the lash and brow treatments for you.

I think the before and after’s speak for themselves and I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been asked who does my extensions when I’m wearing mascara because not only are my lashes super long the LiLash has given them a natural curl so there’s no need for any lash curlers whatsoever. As I’ve been cursed with blonde eyelashes and brows I have to use products on them every day to look non-alien like but I think if you had darker hair you could easily skip those steps in your everyday routine if you fancied a day off from mascara etc.

As I knew it was a pretty intense lash treatment I did my research into the ingredients as some other brands are known for interfering with eye colour and people with light eyes ending up with brown patches and as a green eye’d gal I wasn’t down for that happening. In my research I found that LiLash hasn’t any of the ingredients that can affect eye colour so you can use it without worrying about those side effects. I will also say it’s gentle on the eyes because I have sensitive eyes prone to allergic reactions (Mac Brulee eyeshadow I’m looking at you) and it never caused me any discomfort or redness at all … like I said witchcraft!

Of course these aren’t the cheapest lash and brow serums on the market but if you have the budget I’d definitely recommend purchasing them if you’re looking to undo the damage from over-plucking as a teenager or if you just aren’t happy with your lashes and have to resort to falsies constantly. I for one will definitely be re-purchasing because I don’t want to live without these lashes or brows ever again! You can buy them directly from with free worldwide shipping (Link)


  1. Great results x
    I won some of this but not tried it yet x
    Will now x

  2. You got some amazing results, i might have to buy myself them so i can give them a try!

    Courtney |


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