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Wednesday 24 June 2015

Well my current obsession is an expensive obsession; with my various gym outings i'm discovering that I seriously don't have an appropriate bag for my pilates class (I know I know ... first world problems).

I have a Nike sports bag which is appropriate for my swimming classes but my gym classes only really require me to take a pair of trainers, gym leggings and a t-shirt so the Nike bag is wayyyy to big so it got me onto the idea of a backpack. Of course i'm not going to carry any old back pack like my Umbro highlighter orange school bag circa 1999 (I hope you owned one too!)

Mulberry Cara Backpack - £995.00 (Link)
I'm a huge Mulberry fan and adore the oxblood leather, I also love that it's multi-use; you can use this as a regular bag by unhooking the straps and just carrying it in the crook of your arm or just hooking one strap and using as a shoulder bag or both straps hooked and hey presto a backpack. Surely three bags in one is a justification for the purchase.

Chanel Canvas Graffiti Backpack (Not available online)
The most sporty in the category and definitely the hardest to get hold of but I love this bag, I don't love the price as it's not leather and it breaks every rule I have in regards to designer bags but it's fun and I don't have enough fun bags or bags you can just chuck about as i'm so scared of scratching the leather.

Philip Lim 3.1 Pashli Backpack £795.00 (Link)
I love the Pashli silhouette and usually they're really impractical because the flap is so god damn flappy whilst you're carrying it on the crook of your arm, I think the backpack is a better option because you can do the cool kid carry on one shoulder trick when getting your purse out etc. Another major brownie point is that the textured leather is seriously robust and so definitely one for anyone who's slightly rough with their bags.

Sophie Hulme Soft Flap Backpack £625.00 (Link)
Definitely the chicest and most minimalist of design, I love the clasp detail and it looks like it carries a lot and surprisingly the cheapest of all the options so one for the bargain hunters (I kid of course) I do think the leather will be prone to scratching so may not be one for the gym in retrospect but would be a lovely bag to use for the chic mother who wants her arms free for the kids or the fashionista who loves having the perfect Instagram look.

I want something I can use from work to the gym. My current options are above, question is .... which one?


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