Tuesday 23 June 2015

There are so many subscription services out at the moment and I’m loving them, I was very apprehensive about them initially when they were introduced to the UK because I didn’t like the thought of paying for the unknown and potentially receiving nothing of interest or worth however having had my monthly boxes delivered for a good two years they do really make you try new products you might not have heard of before or give you great sample sizes to take on holiday/to the gym/a night away etc so I’ve definitely done a 180 on them.

Nailbox is a new subscription service all to do with nails (obviously) and it’s one I am really loving, as you all know I love nail polish and my talons are never bare so a subscription box that delivers purely nail polish and the odd nail tool is right up my street.

So in this month’s box I received four nail polishes and a Elegant Touch Cuticle Pusher, Essie Status Symbol, Rimmel Lucky Lilac, Nicole By OPI Alex By The Books And Orly Color Blast Fiery Orange. I have to say I love the Essie, Rimmel and OPI shades but not as keen on the Orly, I think it would look lovely over an orange opaque shade but on its own I don’t think it’s suits me but I am impressed with how opaque it went in three coats to say the base colour is so transparent. As for the others all opaque in two coats and all lovely shades, I particularly like the Rimmel one because although it’s a lilac it’s not the normal pastel shade that I’m used to seeing around this time of year and I really like the brush as it makes painting your nails so much easier.

Nailbox Is a monthly subscription for £15.00 (Link) and I am happy with the overall box, I like that the packaging is just the outer mail box and not another box within it as it’s so wasteful and I’m literally neck deep in empty Glossyboxes I don’t think I’d be able to cope with anymore monthly ‘too nice to throw away’ boxes.

I definitely recommend the service for the nail polish addicts or if you don’t have many and are open to being surprised on what shades you receive.


  1. You got some great shades, loving the OPI and Essie colours! This sounds like a great box for anyone who loves nails!

    Courtney |


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