Exante Diet | Week 2

Sunday 13 September 2015

Week two on my Sam Bailey Exante Diet Plan (Link) has come and gone and now comes the repeating of the meals I've tried; I have to say I'm not overly keen on the tomato soup (but that says more about me than the soup because I'm very particular about tomato soup) otherwise I'm not struggling at meal times whatsoever, I can always find something without shuddering at the thought of eating it and I have to say even when I've finished the plan I will be purchasing the Peanut Butter Bars and the Mango & Passion Fruit Drink Mix because they are both so good. 

Now this week I did go off my plan for one meal which was Thursday as I was invited to the Selfridges Food Hall Event at the Trafford Centre. It involved a lot of potential for mischief as there was samples of cake and chocolate available for testing ( I will be doing a post this week all about it) even with all the temptation I remained very well behaved! It was my plan to have a meal 'off' because I had a Yo Sushi Masterclass so I knew I'd eat some creations and I couldn't say no to that but other than some hand rolls and a couple of canopies i was good as gold so I'm pleased with that because I didn't exactly go off the rails on a binge. I allowed myself to switch an Exante meal with a relatively healthy option which I think you need to allow yourself to do as we all have social lives and you can't exactly get your diet bar out at a restaurant so I think if you don't go wild you're sticking on the right path.

Weight loss wise i'm down three pounds this week making it seven in total which i'm thrilled about and if definitely keeps you motivated to carry on when you're missing having your overnight oats but I may have come up with a little plan so I can maybe have some and stick on the plan I am sure i'll update you if it works!

As always the code NICOLAEXANTE is valid for 18% off for new customers so get using it!! (Link)

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