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Thursday 10 September 2015

My main question when I was considering the Exante Diet Plan was; What does it involve day to day? and what exercise is recommended on the plan?

The Sam Bailey Plan (Link) consists of the shakes, bars and quick to prepare foods. During the day the calorie allowance is 800 which shocked me at first because I thought I would be starving and cheat all the time but so far I haven't found it too difficult by varying my food each day.

My typical day on the plan:

Breakfast - An Exante Shake and an Espresso or an Exante breakfast option (usually the weekend)
Snack - A piece of fruit, usually an apple
Lunch - An Exante Diet Bar (the peanut butter ones are so good!)
Evening Meal - An Exante meal with a portion of vegetables

I drink as much water as I can handle / how much time I can spare in a busy work day for bathroom trips and there is an allowance for up to two cans of Coke Zero and four cups of Tea with milk no sugar. As I don't drink coke and have black tea without sugar I just allow myself up to six cups of tea a day but in reality I never drink that many.

I'm the kind of person who enjoys structure and planning ahead (read: Organisational Nazi) so the Exante Diet (Link) is really easy to follow and I have a couple of spreadsheets on the go so I always have planned my days food ahead of time so I'm never caught out if i'm not at home to make a meal I just simply substitute with a bar. This is probably the main aspect of the plan I enjoy because flexibility is everything when you're constantly on the go.

When you're limiting your calories with the Sam Bailey plan you can't be doing an insanity class every night so one of my biggest questions was; how much exercise can I do? The answer will please some in that you only really do gentle 20 minute walks a couple of times a week, which then increases the longer you're on the plan. I may be able to give up my Aqua Running and Splash Aerobics but I haven't given up my Pilates as I need it for my back pain but as it's such a gentle exercise I just substitute one of my gentle walks for it whereas I wasn't too reluctant to give up my bi-weekly water torture sessions.

I hoped that answered a few of your questions and I shall be back with an update on Sunday in the mean time my code NICOLAEXANTE is still valid for 18% off for new customers (Link)


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