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Wednesday 2 September 2015

Charlotte Tilbury has been working on her newest release for the past five years; previously there has only been one foundation in her makeup line - The Light Wonder foundation which is sheer glowy gorgeousness so there's definitely a gap for a foundation with a bit more coverage and those who might want more of a demi-matte finish.

The Magic Foundation has been developed to deliver these results with it's long wearing, full coverage, weightless demi-matte formulation, which to me sounds like the foundation I am constantly trying to find. I cannot wait to try it and currently having to use every ounce of strength to be patient until I can get matched at a counter and not order it blindly online.

There is currently a sampling offer available (LINK) which doesn't require a purchase so completely free (you just have to basically recommend the offer to a friend, which i'm sure they'll be thankful for a free sample). I love this marketing tool because it helps to spread the word about the launch plus gives customers the chance to try the product before purchase, it's especially useful if you can't get to a counter to get matched because you can estimate your shade from the models / online swatches and make an adjustment if you like the foundation and the shade doesn't quite match because you'll have a reference point before purchasing.

I also think this speaks volumes about the quality of the product as Charlotte Tilbury must really stand behind the foundation's formula to let consumers sample it first so that they can decide to purchase the full size or not.

You can purchase the Magic Foundation for £29.50 (Link) which I think is a good price for what is hopefully a very good high end foundation and a price I pay regularly for the foundations I tend to use!

Let me know if you go for the offer and what you think of the foundation, I will definitely be posting a review once I get my hands on a bottle!!

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