Exante Diet | Week 1 Update

Sunday 6 September 2015

I have been on my Exante Diet Sam Bailey Diet Plan for one week now so I thought i'd update you all on how I'm finding it, weight lost, what i've been eating etc.

The biggest question I have been asked so far is how I'm finding it; I was told the third day was the toughest and I purposefully scheduled the start of the diet so that I hit my third day on the Bank Holiday and so I could cope with being crabby and avoid getting fired for slapping a co-worker. I definitely agree that the third day is the toughest and I managed to get through it without cheating although I needed a coffee or two for a pick me up and I have to say watching The Great British Bake Off without a slice of cake was slightly disheartening but I remembered there was a couple of desserts in the plan so I whipped up a salted caramel pudding and all was right with the world.

The ease of the plan is what i'm enjoying the most because after a long day I hate being stuck in the kitchen cooking, all the meals are super quick and if i'm feeling at my most tired or if i'm out for the evening I just have a milkshake.

I've made sure to try everything in my first week so I don't end up just eating the same things over and over; I haven't found anything inedible so far, I think I can pretty much eat anything taste wise (barring artificial banana) I was a little disappointed with the chocolate mint shake (in my head I wanted it to be like an after eight and it wasn't) so I just added an espresso and ice and hey presto it was my beloved Starbucks iced mint mocha. I love the honeycomb milkshake and the maple syrup pancakes were great i'd definitely recommend making a few small ones rather than one big one as they take less time to cook and you won't end up biting into a half cooked one as they do take a bit longer to cook than normal american pancakes.

Weight lost so far is 4lbs which is great for week 1 especially when I didn't have the time for all of the daily exercises (I will do a separate post on these) and overall i've not found it too difficult.

I will do another update next Sunday with next weeks loss ... fingers crossed.

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