REVIEW: This Works Light Time Cleanse & Glow

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Despite being a big This Works fan I hadn't actually tried any of their facial products before and their latest launch Light Time Cleanse and Glow has really impressed me.

In all my beauty blogging years I don't think i've ever come across a cleansing balm specifically for use in the morning so it was quite the change of pace from my usual morning cleansing routine. The Light Time Cleanse & Glow requires a little more time than a standard face wash as you're encouraged to massage the cleanser into the skin for one minute before rinsing.

This feels like a lovely treat each morning and leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth so it creates the perfect canvas for makeup application. If you're concerned it will be too much in the morning and encourage your makeup to slide off your face I have to say that it leaves no residue on the skin and rinses off very easily, I have oily skin and haven't had any issues.

As we're approaching the winter months I think this morning cleanser will be perfect for all skin types especially drier skin as your complexion feels so nourished after using it. I have also noticed a reduction in any dark spots which were the result of a very bad breakout as the dose of vitamin C helps even out skin tone and I think it's more effective than a regular face wash due to it being left on longer so it's like a mini facial each morning.

I think this was a great introduction to their facial skincare range and no doubt that it won't be my last. I think it's bold to name a company 'This Works' but so far i've found that everything I've tried from the brand actually work so thumbs up for impressing me once again.

The Light Time Cleanse & Glow is £30.00 (Link) and I thoroughly recommend this morning facial in a tube. Have you tried any skin care from This Works? I'm thinking of trying a serum and an eye cream so get recommending me your favourites!

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  1. I was looking for something like that. Thanks!!


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