New In Beauty: February 2017

Sunday 12 February 2017

I don't often do these kind of post, mainly because I like to stick to recommending products I have actually tried but there's a few launches this month that have caught my eye and will end up being future purchases i'm sure.

Estee Lauder ANR Mask – In – Oil - £55.00 for 30ml (Link)
This intrigues me, the last step of my very long skin care routine at night is to apply an oil right before bed over my other products to moisturise my skin as much as possible during the night. This 'Mask-In-Oil' is designed to strengthen, nourish and rebuild the complexion in a night time 'cocoon'. It is supposed to work in conjunction with the ANR for optimum results and it is tempting to try another bottle along side this to really see the pair in action, however the oil should fit into any routine. It's available now and I think the £55 for 30mls of product is a good price for what hopefully will be a great product, once i've got my hands on a bottle I'll likely review with my thoughts.

Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo - £26.00 (Link)
The whole concept of this launch I adore, womens issues are currently front page and centre so to name a range and in particular the shades with such empowering titles is something I am right behind, it would have been a great touch for Hourglass to donate some proceedings to a women's charity however and I would have likely bought a few to support that. The lipsticks are a nourishing highly pigmented formula which are designed to be able to top up through the day with the shape of the bullet. There are 20 shades available and I have my eye on 'Lover' which shock horror is an orange toned red and 'Peacemaker' which is a peachy nude (basically the only lip shades I wear!). Available now from retailers of Hourglass plus there's a Space NK code below for you with £15 off a spend of £60.

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation £40 for 30ml (Link)
I am a huge fan of the Armani Luminious Silk foundation, it makes your skin look so pretty however sometimes it just doesn't pack the punch in coverage and staying power that I need for a long day at work so I definitely class it as my weekend base. The new Power Fabric launch from GA will hopefully solve those little woes, the foundation is designed to give a smooth looking complexion with a long-lasting coverage alongside an SPF 25. It's definitely on the pricey side for foundation (and I don't remember the LS costing as much) however as it has more coverage you'll likely use less and therefore the bottle will last longer so I'm happy to part with my pennies.

Jo Malone Myrrh + Tonka £105 for 100ml or £75 for 50ml (Link)
Jo Malone's latest Cologne Intense is a stunning fragrance and right up my street as it contains notes of vanilla, myrrh and tonk a beans which result in a very rich sexy scent. It's actually in the mens section of Selfridges online which I totally get as it's a very masculine smelling unisex fragrance, I personally love deep spicy scents and I guess smelling like a man so I must have a bottle of this. Jo Malone have also launched the 50ml sizes permanently to the Intense Cologne range which would be handy for travel but to me you're best off just spending the £30 extra for double the amount.

Algenist Power Recharging Night Pressed Serum £68.00 for 60ml (Link)
I am a big Algenist fan and their new launch is a serum with a texture of a cream, it is designed to break into a serum when you apply it to the skin which i'm intrigued as to what the benefits are of this. The ingredients are supposed to help with the visible signs of ageing and to refine dull uneven skin so you are left with a radiant complexion.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask - Waitlist (Link)
A little bit cheeky of me as this actually launches in March but I am very very intrigued on this one as I don't think i've heard of a dry sheet mask before; this mask is supposed to be an instant pick me up to your complexion by intensely hydrating, lifting, brightening, smoothing and plumping. You apply this dry mask to your face (it has the tampon wings for your ears so it stays put) and as you massage the mask it releases the product which you then leave on your face for 15 minutes, remove it and hey presto you look amazing! Oh and it's reusable up to three times. I must try this and report back because it sounds the prefect pre-event facial prep.

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