Favourites: November 20

Saturday 21 November 2020


REN Ready Steady Glow £25.00 for 250ml (Link)

This is a firm favourite of mine when I'm using retinol/tretinoin, it is a Lactic acid based exfoliator; as the molecules are larger than glycolic they can't penetrate the depths of the skin so it is gentler, it is also a humectant so draws water into the skin. When you're using tretinoin every bit of moisture helps and this has been a great switch from Glycolic, I also think it's great value for money too.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Mask £20.00 for 56.7g (Link)

If you're looking for a product that soothes sore dry skin this is a great mask to have in your collection. I have loved using this a few times a week, especially when using tretinoin as my skin is really sore and flaky. Colloidal Oatmeal is soothing & helps with itching while the shea butter nourishes and repairs.

Drunk Elephant Tangle Spray £21.00 for 120ml (Link)

I received a sample of this earlier this year & I am not joking when I say I haven't conditioned my hair since using this. I have really easy hair but it does get knotty so this is the perfect product for me. A quick spritz of this light weight heavenly scented spray on my wet hair makes brushing through the tangly mess effortless & I have noticed my breakage has reduced. I also think the value for money is great because I've had this for months & it's still going strong, I will definitely be purchasing the full size.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Bronze & Glow Mini £25.00 (Link)

This is my all time favourite bronzer, it imparts a warm glow that is nothing short of witchcraft. Yes bronzers all warm up the skin but something about this powder makes you look healthy and glowing without any form of shimmer. The highlighter is lovely and not too in your face which is a good thing in my book, again no glitter or shimmer so doesn't highlight any bumps on the skin like some can. This mini size is the perfect for your handbag or if you want to try before buying the full size.

Fenty Beauty Uncuffed Stunna Lip Paint £20.00 (Link)

Liquid lipsticks have come a long way since I last purchased them, I remember it felt like you had a clay mask on your lips threatening to crack at the hint of a smile. This is featherweight, the formula is almost watery but incredibly pigmented & feels like nothing on your lips when it dries down. The Uncuffed shade is a warm rosey mauve & one that I love wearing everyday, either full on or patted into the lip over a balm for a more muted look. The longevity is fantastic and you can actually reapply without it looking and feeling gross.


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