REVIEW: Ole Henriksen Transform Plus PHAT Glow Facial

Saturday, 28 November 2020

What is it? An exfoliating brightening mask 

Suitable for: Normal/Oily/Dry Skin

Price: £42.00 for 50mls (Link)

Thoughts: This is a very interesting mask on a few levels, there's a high percentage of clay but it is a gel formula so doesn't dry down which you would expect from traditional clay-based mask, because of this the pink clay clarifies & helps refine texture without pulling any oil from the skin. It is high in humectants & skin conditioners like glycerine, Nordic birch sap & hyaluronic acid which hydrate & plump the skin & the exfoliating agents are PHA's which due to their molecular size are more hydrating than traditional AHA's as they don't penetrate the lower levels of skin & are humectants so draw moisture from the air into the dermis. 

All these factors make this an effective potent mask that delivers the brightening, smoothing & hydrating results without sensitizing the skin so even those with more sensitive skin could use this. I use this once or twice a week whilst having a hot bath, the steam plus this treatment really gives me the facial experience without going to a salon, my skin is incredibly smooth, bright & hydrated after & you notice a real difference the next day when applying makeup. Highly recommend for some glowly plump skin.

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